British Government Consultation: Transforming the Response to Domestic Abuse.

Related to the Istanbul Convention is the current consultation by the British Government ‘Seeking to transform the response to domestic abuse’.

There are four aspects of the consultation;
 promote awareness – to make sure everyone understands what domestic abuse is and how to tackle it.
 protect and support – to improve the safety of victims and the support available.
 pursue and deter – to ensure that perpetrators are held responsible for their actions and that the response of police and the justice system is effective.
 improve performance –to encourage all services and organisations working with domestic abuse victims or perpetrators to do so in the best way possible.
To read more and to participate in the consultation visit

Anthea Sully is new CEO White Ribbon UK

We are delighted that our Free Churches National Coordinator, Anthea Sully, has ASprofile imagebeen appointed as the new Chief Executive of White Ribbon UK.  White Ribbon UK seeks to end male violence against women, once and for all, by engaging men in calling out violent, bullying behaviour amongst their peers, and spreading a message of equality and respect. You can find out more at


Support for our sisters in Latvia

The UK has now ratified The Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence. The ‘Istanbul Convention’ is based on the understanding that violence against women is a form of gender-based violence that is committed against women because they are women. It becomes the obligation of the state to fully address it in all its forms and to take measures to prevent violence against women, protect its victims and prosecute the perpetrators. We received an open letter from some forum members in Latvia after a group of church leaders had spoken against ratifying the convention. We have written our own letter in support of ratifying the convention believing that this is consistent with Christian values.

Istanbul convention

An opportunity to come with us to Serbia!

A call to women under 40
If you are under 40 and are interested in sharing ecumenically with other women across Europe and working with us to develop the forum in England, or you know someone who is, please get in touch! Our 10th General Assembly is taking place in Serbia in August 2018 and is a great opportunity to meet women from different traditions and countries – exchange ideas and be inspired.

As we explore new ways of participating in the forum in England we are particularly keen to find someone who would relish the challenge working with us to develop our virtual networking, social media, and this website!.We would like you to be involved!
please contact Anthea – at

General Assembly

Lecture in Partnership with Luther King House, Manchester

LKH with EFECWWe partnered with Luther King House in February with a lecture from Sue Barclay, ‘View from the Mat – theological reflection on gender based violence in Uganda’. Sue opened by sharing some of the many stories in the bible that offer opportunities to reflect on gender based violence. Asking the question, ‘What if we use the life experience of the majority of people in the world ?’

Sue described her experience in Uganda where most women sit on the floor, in church and at other community gatherings. Reflecting on this, Sue described the change in attitudes towards the status of women that can come about from an understanding of Jesus’ compassion, his understanding of distress and his revelation that women are valued equally by God. We were offered three words to lead to structural change in the power dynamic; mourning, lament and resistance.IMG_0005 (2)

EFECW England National Coordinator, Anthea Sully, with shirts from -The Clothes Line Project. This moving community art work from the Baptist Union of Great Britain & Ireland was exhibited at the event. Each shirt is made by a woman survivor of abuse

Women in Leadership in the Church – survey

Five years ago the Forum in the UK brought together a group of women in leadership positions in the church, and the resulting report with its recommendations, entitled ‘The Leading Question?’, was widely shared. We are considering if there has been any progress on the issues that the report highlighted and have developed a survey which we are hoping as many women who are, or have been, leaders in their churches will be able to complete.

The survey will inform a ‘Leading Question, five years on’, report that we plan to release on International Women’s Day, 8th March 2018. To complete the survey please follow this link We would be very grateful if you can also share the survey with women you know who are leaders. We hope to get a wide response.

The Leading Question MermaidThe mermaid image was chosen to illustrate our original report – The Leading Question? because, whilst the mythical female figure of the mermaid is often seen as threatening and dangerous, luring sailors to their death, this has not always been so. At Zennor parish church in West Cornwall, there is a late 15th century carving of a mermaid on one of the pew ends. The mermaid was seen as a symbol of Christ. Her two natures, half human and half fish, echoed Christ’s humanity and divinity. The mermaid can still be seen as a beautiful symbol of our faith – of who Christ is. She speaks of living with ambiguity and mystery, of the importance of taking risk and calling us all out of complacency.

Shout Out for women under 40!

Are you, or a woman you know, under 40 and interested in meeting and sharing with women throughout Europe? Looking ahead to our General Assembly taking place in Soko, Serbia we are keen to meet with younger women who would like to join our delegation and help support the EFECW in England as we develop a new way of working through networking and partnership. The Assembly is a great intercultural opportunity with the experience of a large ecumenical gathering. For more information please contact Anthea at

General Assembly

Date announced! Lecture in Partnership with Luther King House 12 February 2018

Bosnian Christa Margaret Argyle
Bosnian Christ Margaret Argyle

As part of a special module, ‘Theologies of the Body’, taking place at Luther King House in Manchester we are supporting a free evening event entitled Resisting Violence Against Women on Monday12 February 2018 from 18.30. It will begin with light refreshments, and there will be an art exhibition to see – including ‘Out of the Shadows’, the Manchester Mosaic; the ‘Bosnian Christa’ by Margaret Argyle, and ‘The Clothes Line Project’ from the Baptist Union of Great Britain & Ireland. At 19.30 there will be a lecture by Sue Barclay, ‘View from the Mat – theological reflection on gender based violence in Uganda.’ Booking is not essential but, for catering purpose, please let us know if you hope to attend by emailing: All are welcome!


This evening forms part of a 4-day Winter School, exploring themes such as gender and sexuality, ageing and disability, feminist, queer and eco-theologies. Led by Jan Berry and Clare McBeath, this is running from Monday 12th to Thursday 15th February and costs £150 per person. Interested in ‘Embodied Theology’? To register for the Winter School and for further information, contact: 0161 249 2504 or There are also details on the website:

For both events meals & en-suite accommodation are available at Luther King House at an extra cost.

Report on meeting with the executive Secretary of the Fellowship of the Least Coin Cora Tabing-Reyes Saturday 28th October, Chesterfield

Cora FLC‘The Fellowship of the Least Coin’ is a worldwide movement of prayer and action by women and the Ecumenical Forum is the FLC’s presence in Europe. Several Forum members joined with the Methodist Women in Britain to hear from Cora Tabing-Reyes, the executive secretary of the Fellowship of the Least Coin at what was her final visit in this role.  Cora was able to give us first-hand information about the projects FLC is currently supporting, their scholarship programme for young women, and the recently published book for children.

Marking the 500th anniversary of the 95 These and the start of the Reformation

A service was held at Westminster Abbey Tuesday 31st October to mark the start of the reformation 500 years ago. The service remembered that the universal Church, the body of Christ is under God semper reformanda, always to be reformed. The congregation, recognising the cruelty and deaths that followed the reformation, prayed that we may be ever more united in our diversity and that we may draw more and more children of God into the beautiful story of God’s love revealed in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.


500 years reformation
 Children from Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Anglican churches lit candles at the High Altar

al members of the Forum were present. The Reverend Eliza Zikmane, pastor, the United London Latvian Lutheran Church and St Anne’s Lutheran Church, London, read St John 17: 20-26, and amongst others, prayers were led by Madelaine Mason from the Swedish Church in London and the Reverend Susanne Freddin Skovhus from the Danish Church in London.