Gardens of Eve

From the 8 – 21 August 2015, fifty women between 19 and 73 years moved into the vast monastery building in Mariensee, Germany, to create the first ever European ecumenical ‘Pop Up Monastery’ and to share the life with the women who live there in community. The participants were from 17 European countries, and from various Christian denominations: Orthodox and Quakers, Methodists, Protestants, Catholics and spiritual seekers. A rhythm of prayer, silence, tasks and workshops structured the day, but there was also room for celebration and exchange.

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The film ‘Gardens of Eve’ follows the women leading the project, as well as participants, as they uncover what it means to have faith, to live in community, to be searching, and to support one another on our journeys. The film is a project of the EFECW and  can be watched online for free here and we encourage you to share it with your friends, family, colleagues and other contacts.  You may wish to organise a local screening, inviting women from your networks.