Meeting of EFECW Coordinating Committee

The second meeting of Coordinating Committee of EFECW was held in Corfu, Greece 27 Februrary to 3 March 2019. This meeting was a good opportunity to the CC to continue to work together and to develop activities on different areas, as well as to join  the neighbourhood meeting organised by the Greek Forum for Mediterranean countries and to share the CC message on the topic of violence against women.

During these three effective days, the new CC members, after sharing news from local forums and other activities undertaken by the CC since the last meeting in Vienna and being presented of different aspects of the work of the CC and determined the future activities, including, communication among and with the member forum organisations of EFECW, new effective ways to develop “inter-forums” relations and to be well informed about each other, the empowerment of young and active women in EFECW, by continuing  to commit ourselves to the young women’s strategy. A larger visibility and presence of EFECW especially in churches, religious, and civil organisations both at national and European level and developing  spiritual guidelines for EFECW.
Marianna Apresyan, EFECW Co-President

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