Lecture in Partnership with Luther King House, Manchester

LKH with EFECWWe partnered with Luther King House in February with a lecture from Sue Barclay, ‘View from the Mat – theological reflection on gender based violence in Uganda’. Sue opened by sharing some of the many stories in the bible that offer opportunities to reflect on gender based violence. Asking the question, ‘What if we use the life experience of the majority of people in the world ?’

Sue described her experience in Uganda where most women sit on the floor, in church and at other community gatherings. Reflecting on this, Sue described the change in attitudes towards the status of women that can come about from an understanding of Jesus’ compassion, his understanding of distress and his revelation that women are valued equally by God. We were offered three words to lead to structural change in the power dynamic; mourning, lament and resistance.IMG_0005 (2)

EFECW England National Coordinator, Anthea Sully, with shirts from -The Clothes Line Project. This moving community art work from the Baptist Union of Great Britain & Ireland was exhibited at the event. Each shirt is made by a woman survivor of abuse

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