Marking the 500th anniversary of the 95 These and the start of the Reformation

A service was held at Westminster Abbey Tuesday 31st October to mark the start of the reformation 500 years ago. The service remembered that the universal Church, the body of Christ is under God semper reformanda, always to be reformed. The congregation, recognising the cruelty and deaths that followed the reformation, prayed that we may be ever more united in our diversity and that we may draw more and more children of God into the beautiful story of God’s love revealed in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.


500 years reformation
 Children from Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Anglican churches lit candles at the High Altar

al members of the Forum were present. The Reverend Eliza Zikmane, pastor, the United London Latvian Lutheran Church and St Anne’s Lutheran Church, London, read St John 17: 20-26, and amongst others, prayers were led by Madelaine Mason from the Swedish Church in London and the Reverend Susanne Freddin Skovhus from the Danish Church in London.

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