News from Moldova.

Discover MoldovaSocial Care continues to be a significant issue in the UK.  Asea Railean EFECW co-president has shared a project from Moldova. From 2002 the non governmental organization  “Association Community Association “Soarta/Fate”” developed a program to help and involve  three groups of elders: care and support at home including hot lunches and laundry services, a day centre to combat loneliness as well as an education programme and setting up a Council of the Elderly.

Another very important project was free ophthalmic support. More than 7800 elderly people benefited from this project and more than 1500 elderly people had their eyesight restored following treatment for glaucoma or cataracts.

All the activities were supported by foreign donors and it is a struggle continuing this work. It is hoped that churches in Europe may identity ways in which the project can continue as well as new initiatives which included the provision of greenhouses so that older people can grow their own healthy food.

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